leonidastdd J-Pop

D&D Beyond

Difficulties Hard
38 2

Mapper: leonidastdd A jingle for D&D Beyond, originally written by Sam Riegel as a joke ad on Critical Role, which later ended up getting fleshed out into a fully animated theme song. My f…

dreszczyk Electronic J-Pop

Tanuki – Babybaby

Difficulties Expert
19 1

Babybaby is a great futurefunk song that I’m glad got mapped. As for the mapping itself, I would say this is a good map to play. The patterning is simple but varied enough to be satisfyi…

serechiii Anime J-Pop

Funky Dreams

Difficulties Expert
48 7

Easy to follow. but trying to max points for a song like this is harder then one would expect. You can very well miss-time a hit due to the beat, when some of the notes follow the vocals. all-…