maso Hardcore Hardstyle Japanese

USAO – Knight Rider

Difficulties Expert+
20 1

Mapper: maso This map is very difficult. However, it is a very good practice for those who play rank maps. I am confident in the degree of completion. ランク譜面をプレイする日本ランカーの皆さんはこの曲で練習しましょう。…

s1kening Hardcore

Andrew WK – Ready To Die

Difficulties Expert
36 2

Mapper: s1kening Some of you may remember my first map (now deleted from this site). This is a remade version of that map, using better mapping techniques and tested even more. It should be much more …

Alzaraf Hardcore Japanese

Triple Play

Difficulties Expert+
7 0

Mapper: alzaraf Wow, another map, also had this one sitting in the waits, decided to autolight and get it out, pretty proud of the result given its the quickest I’ve ever mapped anything. Enjoy!…