suplexsquad Death Metal

Torn Apart – Avatar

Difficulties Hard
30 1

Mapper: suplexsquad Based off the crazy fun dances and energy from Johannes EckerstrΓΆm at live Avatar shows. First song creation, may have some tweaks and edits in the future.…

miitchel Death Metal

Special Treatment

Difficulties Expert+
70 1

Mapper: miitchel This is a collab between Nuketime and me (miitchel) Fixed 0:02 (6-101) – Nuketime 0:33 (102-165) – Nuketime 0:53 (166-245) – miitchel 1:19 (246-293) – Nuketime…

miitchel Death Metal

Galactic Symphony

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1286 132

Mapper: miitchel IT NOW HAS AN EXPERT VERSION 200 BPM ???????, some nice ?????, made it with the ?????????????? (Thanks to ?????????? for allowing me to use that editor!) Song is 4:40 long πŸ™‚ Thank you…

azes Death Metal

Ex Deo – I, Caligvla

Difficulties Hard
13 2

Mapper: azes There is a lack of death metal here and I wanted to correct that. Preview in comments. Any feedback is appreciated, here or on the beat saber mod discord. (Azes #0666)…