epix fusion Christian Hip Hop Rap

NF – Paid My Dues

Difficulties Expert+
54 2

Mapper: epix fusion Mapper: Epix Fusion Song: NF – Paid My Dues Length: 3:32 Notes: 1003 BPM: 146 (No bombs or walls, just notes.) Have any recommendations for maps, suggestions, or comm…

light ai Christian

P*Light – ADAM

Difficulties Expert+
63 4

Mapper: light ai Custom lights by Jez I wanted to make this a while ago but forgot about it, then the team saber map pool was made with a kinda meh ADAM, so I finally made one. Length: 2:00 BP…

LEh4nnes Christian

ADAM – P*Light

Difficulties Easy Expert+
35 1

Mapper: leh4nnes Another nice littel maps for you <3 bpm 200 njs 22 notes/second 10 Playtesters: BentaiSenpai, Duh Hello, Ezkills and DeltaCreedX social media: https://www.twitch.tv/leh4nne…