kizuflux Artcore Rap

Cres – End Time

Difficulties Expert+
32 9

Mapper: kizuflux okay you can only have the kizu end time pass if youve cleared my axeria map it’s because this is harder and will fry ur brain (probably) thanks again to Duh for njs/ofset :DD

kuurama_ Artcore

ARForest – Hidden Ending

Difficulties Expert+
47 6

Mapper: kuurama_ A huge thanks to eZconfirmed for the mod <3 Here we go it's my second map, i will reupload it when expert and hard will be mapped and i will go for rank with it. Thank…

fern Artcore

End Time – Cres

Difficulties Expert Expert+
11 11

Mapper: Fern Difficulties: ExpertPlus, Expert Expert+(++) is a psudo challenge map with loloppe note jumps and 1/8th stream bursts. Expert(+) is a hard complex stream map. Big thanks to Fraies…