convolk – All Black Fit

Difficulties Expert
1 0

Mapper: joy_x I changed a couple of things AGAIN , I don’t know what happened , but I hope you like it Enjoy If you have any Questions or Ideas, my Discord: Joy#3508


Romantic Cruisin’

Difficulties Normal Hard
0 0

Mapper: shamantitan Romantic Cruisin’ is sung by Kuku Gumi, the voices from Starlight Revue. There is a 2017 anime called Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight, a smartphone game, and a long lis…


Goldfinger – Superman

Difficulties Expert+
3 1

Mapper: amuga Since Tony Hawk 1+2 are coming back with a remake I decided to map this super jammy ska song (that only had a few mistimed notes and was totally not mildly nightmare-ish to test)…