grunttsd Hip Hop & Rap

Fun Song V2

Difficulties Expert+
29 12

Mapper: grunttsd Fixed the intro notes being 1/8 of a beat late. I honestly don’t know how it got like that. Sorry it took me a while to fix this, but I was just being lazy because I did…

Chason Hip Hop & Rap

Sober by Jez Dior

Difficulties Hard
5 0

Mapper: Chason Somewhere between normal and hard. Hard to perfect but any player used to normal should be able to beat it assuming they can past this one really hard part in the beginning. Fee…

Chason Hip Hop & Rap

Freaky Friday

Difficulties Easy
32 11

Mapper: Chason Normal Difficulty for the casual players like myself. Please let me know if there’s anything you think I should add or take away, always open to some tips. Just trying to …