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HUGE BSMG Anniversary Celebration! (New Campaign and Free Prizes!)

Happy One Year Anniversary!

I just wanted to thank everyone for being such an amazing part of this community. On one hand, it feels like just yesterday when we were working to start and grow the BSMG, but on the other, it feels like a family and community that’s been a part of our lives for a long long time now.

On behalf of all the BSMG and Bsaber staff, thank you for making this community amazing! Now for two amazing gifts back to you:

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1. New Custom Campaign

To celebrate the anniversary, we have a brand new campaign that many of the top mappers have joined together to create! Play through it to get your name on the campaign’s leaderboard, unlock new maps, sabers, and possibly win hundreds of dollars in prizes!

To install, just install the latest custom campaign mod through either of our mod installers like BeatDrop 2 and the Anniversary Campaign will be included! Once installed, click on the “Custom Campaign” mod from within game to get started! There’s an Easy and an Expert campaign.

To find out some of the prizes you can win, join the Saber Kings Competition Discord here: https://discord.gg/mhGfzyS

To check out the song’s in the pack, visit: https://bsaber.com/bsmg-anniversary-song-pack/

2. Year One – A Beat Saber Journey

We also put together this special video for you (watch until the end as Beat Games has a special message to you guys in it too). Thanks again for everything! For those that have supported us through Patreon, you are the reason that we can keep working on projects like this and to keep the Bsaber.com lights running each day. We are so thankful for you! Enjoy!! ❤️

Comments (5)
  1. pints1ze says:

    Thank you! to all the people that contributed to this; I got to play through most of the campaign tonight and it was a ton of fun… I love the quality of work that this community puts together.

  2. beaker707 says:

    Love the campaign! I’ve found the majority of the songs to be extremely fun to play with great patterns and rhythm. Might’ve hit a roadblock with the bassnectar song on expert plus – not sure this 40 year old will ever be able to move that fast. Not the first time I said that about a beat saber level I ended up clearing later, but I’m really not sure about that one.

    Thanks so much for all the effort you guys put into this community – I’ve benefited immensely from it.

  3. brokenwound says:

    Love the flow of the campaign songs, really hits the heart of dancing like no one’s watching.

    1. BeardedPike says:

      too bad i’m in my living room and can’t dance while playing

  4. dgkrogstad says:

    I can’t seem to find the custom campaign mod in mod assistant or beatdrop 2 app. I had to do a reinstall of beat saber and now this mod isn’t listed. Any insight on this matter?


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