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Advanced Bsaber.com Guide

Advanced Bsaber.com Mapper Tutorial

This is an advanced tutorial on how to use some of the mapper features and more advanced user features of bsaber.com

Mappers, please use this updated guide here instead

Among many other things, these features will allow users to:

  1. Discover your amazing maps easier.
  2. Allow others to “follow you” and know the second you release map
  3. Get to know a little more about you as a mapper and possibly donate to you if donations are enabled
  4. Watch you livestream the creation of your maps directly on the site
  5. Let you customize a page where you feature the maps you’re most proud of and showcase your work in different ways.

1. Creating Your Account

To get started, you’ll just need to create an account. Click the “Login / Register” at the top right to get started. Once you fill out a Username and your email, you’ll receive an email verifying your account and you’ll be able to create a password.

Once you’re logged in, you can get to your account a few different ways. You can click on your name at the top right or on any of the songs you’ve uploaded on BeatSaver.com:

You can click on “My Profile” from the social menu

Lastly, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see some of your profile links to the right.

2. Customizing Your Account

Your sharable profile URL is: https://bsaber.com/members/YourUserName

Click on “Profile Settings” and you can fill out a short bio there.

Next, click on Contact Info and consider adding at least your Discord info since much of this community revolves around the Discord.

Next, add a profile picture and a cover photo if you want your profile to look really nice and personalized.

Lastly, you’ll probably want to add some additional social media accounts in the “Social Networks” tab, especially the “View All Songs” link since you’re a mapper.

By default, to view all your songs that you’ve mapped, the url is: [https://bsaber.com/tag/“YourUserName]

(for mine, it would be https://bsaber.com/tag/elliotttate)

On your profile, the “View All Songs” is what visitors will click when they want to see all your songs:

If you have 3+ songs, you can request an “Enhanced Mapper Page.” In addition to getting access to this, you’ll also gain access to edit the song pages created when you uploaded your songs on beatsaver.com and go back and add Youtube videos, tags to them, etc.

Enhanced Mapper “View All Songs” page

If you have 3+ songs that you’ve mapped, you can request a much more customizable page like this one: https://bsaber.com/bennydabeast/ where you can feature a few of the songs you are most proud of / want to showcase. You can also add a video to feature, add your Twitch account at the right, etc.

Any song you upload will automatically appear on your “view all songs” page, but you will have to manually choose which featured songs you want to showcase.

Editing Your “Enhanced Mapper Page”

Part of why this isn’t reserved for every mapper is because you aren’t just editing a profile, you are editing an actual webpage where you could add just about anything you’d ever want on your page (so feel free to get creative if you want!).

If you have been given “mapper” status, then you may need to ask a curator for help as there are a few more steps to editing this page. Follow the guide below if you want to try it yourself and if you screw anything up, there’s always backups, so don’t worry!

  1. First, browse to your page and click “edit page” at the top

You will now be logged into the backend of your webpage and you should see something similar to this:

  1. Next, go ahead and scroll down until you see you see the page layout settings that look like this

This first “Post Grid Carousel” is your first 3 featured songs on the front of your page. To edit which ones are displayed, click on the pencil “edit” icon

You’ll see various settings for the “Post Grid Carousel.” Scroll down and click on “Build Query.”

This is where you can select which maps you would like to show. Scroll down to where it says “Individual Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types”

Here, begin typing the name of the song you want to feature. As you type, it’ll start searching for uploaded maps and you can select the one that you want from the list:

Do this for the 3 maps you want to feature. You can also easily remove or replace maps. When you’re done, click on “Save Changes”

  1. Choosing a video to feature

If you have a video that you want to feature, edit the “Video Player” settings in the page layout view.

Once here, you can paste the link of a video that you would like to feature

Note that you will also want to change the title of your video here:

That covers the basics of editing your Extended Mapper Page. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to reach out on the BeastSaber Discord!

Widgets Settings

Widget settings is the last main way to customize your profile page. I won’t go into all the details of what can be added with widgets, but please experiment as there’s some cool ways to display information.

3. Connecting Your ScoreSaber Account

Connecting your ScoreSaber account to your profile is a great way to personalize your page, let others see your current skill level, let others see what you’re playing and what kind of songs you enjoy playing, etc. To connect your ScoreSaber account, you’ll first need to find out your ScoreSaber URL.

If you don’t know your Scoresaber URL, it will look something like this: https://scoresaber.com/u/2198868673462386

If you use Steam for Beat Saber, the digits after the /u/ are your SteamID. To get your SteamID to use, click on your profile within Steam and copy the numbers at the end of the URL. You’ll then add it to the end of the ScoreSaber URL like in the example above.

If you have any issues finding it, you can also search your steam ID with this tool: https://steamid.io/

(The SteamID64) is what you want to use)

If you bought Beat Saber through the Oculus Store, it’s unfortunately a tad more difficult to find your URL, but still fairly easy. To find it, you have two options:

  1. You can choose a song that you’ve recently played and search for your name within that ScoreSaber page. Or
  2. Search Google for it using this custom search:

Google Custom Search

As you can see from the image, this is my Oculus Score Saber Page here: https://scoresaber.com/u/2198868673462386

Next, navigate to “Widget Settings” with your link copied on bsaber.com

Next, click on “Score Saber”


And then paste that Score Saber ID in the box.

That’s it! Save it and you’ll now have your ScoreSaber integrated into your profile!

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  1. Angel says:

    I don’t receive any e-mail for confirmation so i can’t register at all!

  2. Vaauzy says:

    How do you get that “mapper” status? I have more than 3 maps that I have uploaded to the website, shouldn’t I have mapper status?

  3. Tim 1lyriker says:

    ´Why does a “advanced bsaber tutorial” explain how to make an account? You would think that people looking for a advanced tutorial would already have one.

  4. artic500aj says:

    how do you upload maps here???

    1. Papragu says:

      This is the million dollar question. I would like to upload some maps too but i just can’t find any friggin way. Or can we only upload to beatsaver, which is down atm.

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