Difficulties Easy Expert+
9 1

Mapper: blackblazon Listen you legit wont laugh or understand this if you dont watch this video Watch it or stay confused cause after all this is just a MEME! Credit: Lighting – Knowledg…



Difficulties Expert Expert+
81 4

Mapper: blackblazon An Emotional Song to capture the essence of the future knowing we cant go back to the past. Life moves on and stuff disappears. We can only look back to see what we’v…


A Lot Like You

Difficulties Expert Expert+
41 9

Mapper: blackblazon This also has bombs but they are necessary to increase the intensity a bit. Anyway same as before if you dont like bombs or dont know Heisenberg then dont bother ¯(ツ)/¯ .



Difficulties Expert Expert+
61 4

Mapper: blackblazon You are the Basilisk in this Bomb Map Collab! First time me and Heisy collab’d on a map together and man its fun! But it is also very challenging so be ready! If your…

BlackBlazon Electronic


Difficulties Expert Expert+
90 6

Mapper: blackblazon Oh yes I LIKE TO MEME! This map will Immortalize the memes into a single, fun as hell map! Credits for the wall mapping and lighting go to- Scrappy & Shad Enjoy this ma…

BlackBlazon House Rave


Difficulties Hard Expert
171 14

Mapper: blackblazon Expert Finally releasing Emergency for real! Ill be honest ive been lacking a lot of motivation to map anything right now and it will probably be a while before i get that …