MAPPING: Best Way to Sync Your Music for Beat Saber

Arrow Vortex DL: https://arrowvortex.ddrnl.com/

Let me know if anything is unclear. I can answer any of your questions in the comments.

Background music is Football Head by Flamingosis.

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m a new mapper trying to learn. I didn’t see you saving the song from vortex. Is that necessary, or just recording the BPM to input and adding silence?

    1. RaynArch says:

      Good question. You don’t need to save anything in Arrow Vortex unless you’re trying tap your notes out in it. In this case you would: Chart > New Chart >Create. From there you can use 1-4 to place arrows, and the left and right arrow keys to change the beat precision (1/4th beat 1/8th beat ect.) When you go to save your notes they will become a .sm file. From there you can convert them to Beat Saber files with https://github.com/FuriousDCSL/cinder.

      I know this seems like a lot of extra steps, but it can save you a lot of time in the long run, especially when you’re dealing with more complicated beat patterns.

  2. LeonRez says:

    Video no longer available

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