Best ofΒ K-pop Vol. 5

Fifth pack of all the latest and greatest K-Pop maps, brought to you by KPOP Beat Saber Discord.

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todai K-Pop

GFriend – Sweety

Difficulties Easy Expert
46 3

Mapper: todai Hansungan sarange ppajil ttae~! [Requires Mapping Extensions] Preview: Shouts out to Bloodcloak in the kpop discord for testing it out and giving feedback!

noxn K-Pop

Tiffany Young – Not Barbie

Difficulties Expert
81 5

Mapper: noxn huge thanks to turnersgal85 and llekel for playtesting! this is a long overdue (months ago) request from my survey for tiffany young πŸ™‚ map preview: twitch:…


Everglow – Hush

Difficulties Expert
60 6

Mapper: Verociity My version of Marv’s Hush downmapped from his expert+ with the existing lighting. The amount of notes was just about right, just removed notes in some places and added …

Pixelguy Dance K-Pop

BTS – Euphoria

Difficulties Expert
134 28

Mapper: Pixelguy Just a quick map I made in a day to take a break from the map packs and EDM songs I’ve been working on. The song was requested by Josquida. I try to tone down on the req…