Best of K-pop Vol. 2

Second pack of all the latest and greatest K-Pop maps, brought to you by KPOP Beat Saber Discord.
If you’re a fan, come join us:

EXO – Tempo

Difficulties Expert Expert+
152 10

Mapper: simplymarvellous So this one was in the works for a while I finally came around to finishing it off and here we are. But it wasn’t only me, huge thanks to MichaelTheSheep for working wit…

PandaCat Korean Pop

My Pace – Stray Kids

Difficulties Expert
112 1

Mapper: pandacat I finally finished a new map after a hiatus. Made it to match the beat and has some choreo (if you know it) so it’s a bit of a dance style map at the same time, hope you’l…

SimplyMarvellous K-Pop


Difficulties Hard Expert+
139 3

Mapper: simplymarvellous I was unnecessarily holding onto this map even though it was technically finished, so I made an easier difficulty for it in the meantime and I think it’s good to go now.…

kitn42 K-Pop Pop R&B Rap

Trivia 轉 : Seesaw

Difficulties Expert
75 2

Mapper: kitn42 Video playthrough coming soon. This is my first mapping so if you have any helpful feedback please send it my way! Thanks and I hope you enjoy! @Kitn42…