Update: Benny’s Custom Song Mapping Tutorial Series

Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial #1: Getting Stated

If you’re interested in creating a beat saber map, you’ve come to the right place, friend! As the resident community dance mapper, I hope this tutorial will help you get started. I’ll guide you through getting the Edit Saber program by Ikeiwa, Saving your song correctly, and Getting setup to map in the Editor. If you don’t already have the editor, go here to download it!

EDIT: I recommend using this updated version here instead: MediocreMapper

I also map on stream some days, so feel free to drop by http://twitch.tv/bennydabeastlive if interested in seeing more.

Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial #2: Editor & Note Basics

The second tutorial helps you understand the basics of the editor and placing notes to the song. The main takeaway I want to emphasize from this video is playtesting your maps. Find what feels good as far as movements go and make notes that fit well with the song to make it an enjoyable experience.


Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial #3: CopyPasta, Note Philosophy, Uploading to BeatSaver

With this third video, we dive into my note philosophy explaining why and how I like to focus on making my maps flow. There’s also a few details on Copying and Pasting sections as well as a quick explanation of how to upload your map to http://www.beatsaver.com.


Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial #4: Lighting Basics

This tutorial shows the basics to lighting a map and gives a quick look at how I personally like to light my maps to a song.


Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial #5: Mediocre Mapper & Variable BPM

Here is a new Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial taking a look at squeaksies’s Mediocre Mapper and what it’s capable of. I’ll be covering how to edit the bpm of a chart to fit to a song with variable BPM or BPM that drifts over time, and I’ll also cover RGB lighting.

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  1. Kolezan says:

    Great tutorial! But I would want to add two things:

    #1. Rank is for ordering the difficulties in-game, so when you pull up the info on a song they get ordered based on this. But for the sake of consistency to the original game songs it would be best to rank them as following: Easy = 1. Normal = 2. Hard = 3. Expert = 4. Expert+ = 5.

    #2. When you’ve figured our your BPM for the song you can generate a Click Track in Audacity with that BPM. Using (listening to/looking at) this Click Track you can then move/match the song up very accurately with the beat by removing or adding silence to the start of the song. (When done, make sure you don’t export with the Click Track.) This way you don’t have to use Offset in BeatEditor at all.

    Pro tip: Leave at least 3-4 seconds before the first note (the intro can still play from beat 0), but don’t let the intro pass way over 8 seconds before the first note in which case it’s better to cut down the intro and fade the song in instead.

    Happy mapping!

  2. This has become my top recommended guide for people getting started. It’s short, to the point, but covers all the essentials. Thanks @bennydabeast Keep up the great work!!

    1. Awesome! Exactly what I was going for. I want to make it so simple and easy to build a custom map, that all you have left on your own is creativity and motivation.

  3. Dude this is awesome !! I didn’t even know Mediocre Mapper existed !!


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