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Benny’s Custom Song Mapping Tutorial Series 2019

Hello all you Beat Saberists! The year is now 2019, and there’s been advancements in mapping since my tutorials from 5 months ago. So keep your eyes peeled for tutorials I’m making to replace the old ones.

Beat Saber Mapping Tutorial #1: Getting Started

Here’s a video tutorial series to help you get started mapping Beat Saber songs. My process of mapping comes from my experience playing music, swing dancing, and choreographing performances. I hope these videos serve you well and help you get into mapping.

The first video will show you the tools I use to setup your song using Mediocre Mapper by squeaksies (a forked version of the original Edit Saber by ikeiwa), as well as Audacity for song editing and 7-Zip for extracting and packaging your file for upload.

Beat Saber Mapping Tutorial #2: Editor Basics, Mapping, & Upload

The second tutorial helps you understand the basics of the editor and placing notes to the song. It will also help you section out song structure by bookmarks, show you how I go about note placement and playing with rhythm, and finally uploading your finished map to

I want to emphasize how important it is to play test your maps. Find what feels good as far as movements go and make notes that fit well with the song to make it an enjoyable experience.


Beat Saber Mapping Tutorial : Lighting Basics

This tutorial shows the basics to lighting a map and gives a quick look at how I personally like to light my maps to a song.


Beat Saber Mapping Tutorial: Mediocre Mapper & Variable BPM

Here is a new Beat Saber Custom Mapping Tutorial taking a look at squeaksies’s Mediocre Mapper and what it’s capable of. I’ll be covering how to edit the bpm of a chart to fit to a song with variable BPM or BPM that drifts over time, and I’ll also cover RGB lighting.


An Aug 2019 update to some of what’s been updated in Mediocre Mapper


Comments (15)
  1. Kolezan says:

    Great tutorial! But I would want to add two things:

    #1. Rank is for ordering the difficulties in-game, so when you pull up the info on a song they get ordered based on this. But for the sake of consistency to the original game songs it would be best to rank them as following: Easy = 1. Normal = 2. Hard = 3. Expert = 4. Expert+ = 5.

    #2. When you’ve figured our your BPM for the song you can generate a Click Track in Audacity with that BPM. Using (listening to/looking at) this Click Track you can then move/match the song up very accurately with the beat by removing or adding silence to the start of the song. (When done, make sure you don’t export with the Click Track.) This way you don’t have to use Offset in BeatEditor at all.

    Pro tip: Leave at least 3-4 seconds before the first note (the intro can still play from beat 0), but don’t let the intro pass way over 8 seconds before the first note in which case it’s better to cut down the intro and fade the song in instead.

    Happy mapping!

  2. elliotttate says:

    This has become my top recommended guide for people getting started. It’s short, to the point, but covers all the essentials. Thanks @bennydabeast Keep up the great work!!

    1. bennydabeast says:

      Awesome! Exactly what I was going for. I want to make it so simple and easy to build a custom map, that all you have left on your own is creativity and motivation.

  3. Majorpickle says:

    Dude this is awesome !! I didn’t even know Mediocre Mapper existed !!

  4. Seroczynski says:

    So I decided to just jump in and see what that will bring. Your tutorials are very clear and will act as the sole source of information for my first track.
    I went ahead a added a few notes and stuff, and wanted to check the track out in Beat Saber. But the song isn’t being added to my song library. Is there any way to test my own track without uploading it first?

  5. Anthony Price says:

    Hi. Thank you for an awesome tutorial! I am following now and making my first map! The only question I have so far is how do we test the map ourselves. I’m using the Quest and have the Beat Saber custom song loader. Do I just copy my map folder into the one where it unzips the downloaded custom maps from Beat Saver and then install as normal there? Again, amazing tutorial. 🙂

    1. Scooter says:

      I would like if someone could answer this

    2. Syzygy says:

      I don’t have a Quest so not sure if its different for you, just getting started myself. From what I understand, MediocreMapper will save the map as json files but they need to be dat files to be found by BeatSaber and in the CustomLevels folder.

      I used this to convert the song folders content to the right file types and then copied the folder to the customlevels folder:

      Once I did that, I could see and play test the map.

      1. @SYZYGY thank you so much! i couldn’t find out how to convert the .json files to .dat

  6. ummagumma says:

    Either I am missing something or the program has been updated significantly since this tutorial, So wasd doesn’t move the camera but does change the angle of the note, in the video it does both…. space moves the camera down and starts/stops the song and it just knows which you want to do when?

  7. ummagumma says:

    Ahh yeah, I am an idiot, managed to miss both the written and verbal queue telling me to right click mouse, apologies and thanks for an awesome tutorial

  8. MysterAnt says:

    i have a problem for upload my map can you halp me ?

    when i want to upload my map on beatsaver i have a problem. when I put my zip file and I click on upload it starts but tells me 2 minutes after the file info.dat is not in the file I joined, but it turns out that I checked and that he was present asain as all the other file asked what to do?

  9. REZSaber says:

    Hello. I have a question. There is an area that is labeled CustomPlatform and I was wondering what to put in there. I wanted to put the custom platform “JumpGate” by FrostDragon into my map but I am unsure on how.

    1. REZSaber says:

      Nvm, I got it.

  10. John Caruso says:

    when i download the editor it says its missing a couple dll files.


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