BeatSync (was SyncSaber) – Send Maps to Your Game from Bsaber.com

SyncSaber Is Now BeatSync

UPDATE: The in-game BeatSync mod is not updated for the latest version of Beat Saber. Use the standalone sync tool called SyncSaberService here for now to do the same thing (you’ll just need to run it before starting Beat Saber each time).

If you are using the Oculus Quest, BeatSync (was SyncSaber) is built into the latest BeatOn.


BeatSync is the ultimate plugin for getting amazing new Beat Saber songs to play. It allows you to:

  1. Magically send any song from bsaber.com to your game with a single click of a button (and from any device, whether that’s from your phone, your work computer, the library, etc.)
  2. Follow mappers you enjoy and automatically have it download new maps of theirs when they release them
  3. Keep your songs up to date! If a mapper updates one of your maps, SyncSaber fetches the update and lets you play with the latest and greatest.
  4. Create playlists from your bsaber favorites to share with others.


Standalone Version by Zingabopp

Zingabopp rewrote Brian’s SyncSaber into a standalone app so that it doesn’t rely on a specific version of Beat Saber if it updates to a new version. You can also easily run it before you play your game so all your new songs are ready to be played (or setup a background task on your computer to have it run periodically).

For many people, the in-game version will be easier to use, but if the in-game plugin hasn’t been updated yet, then this version is nice to have.

  1. To get started, download the SyncSaberService.zip
  2. Next, extract the zip to any folder that you want to store it and open up the SyncSaberService.ini with notepad or a similar text editor
    CleanShot 2019-05-31 at 18.10.12@2x.jpg
  3. You’ll want to make sure that the “BeatSaberPath” is correctly set. If you have the Oculus Home version of the game instead of the Steam version, it will probably beC:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber instead.
  4. Next you’ll just need to put in your bsaber.com username and adjust the rest of the settings.

NOTE: If you keep all the settings default, it will download a LOT of songs.

Perhaps consider learning about each option before enabling them all. Here are some good settings to start out with:

CleanShot 2019-05-31 at 18.16.42@2x.jpg

(I’m not sure why there’s a place for your password, but you don’t need to put anything in there)

Here are some of the options you can set:


AutoDownloadSongs: Options: 1=yes 0=no. If you want SyncSaber to simply add your songs you favorite to a playlist file and not download them, set this to no. This might be useful if you favorite a lot of songs and later just want to download a couple at a time from the playlist it creates to try them.

AutoUpdateSongs: Options: 1=yes 0=no. If you want SyncSaber to check to see if any of your songs have been updated by the original mapper, set this to 1. If you’ve been really practicing on a specific version of a song and don’t want to chance it being changed, you might consider disabling this.

BeastSaberUsername: Options: Your bsaber.com username. This should be the username you used to create your account (not your email address)

MaxBeastSaberPages: Options: The maximum number of pages to scan for new songs on BeastSaber, 0 is unlimited.

DeleteOldVersions: Options: 1=yes 0=no. Whether or not SyncSaber should keep or delete old versions of songs upon updating them, or when a new release is downloaded from one of your favorite mappers.

As long as you’ve added your bsaber.com username in the config file, you’re ready to get started!


2. Sending Songs From Bsaber.com



1. Adding Bookmarks


While browsing any map on bsaber, you can preview a song with the play button and then you can send it to your bookmarks with the “Bookmark” button if it’s one you want to bookmark. Once “Bookmarked,” the icon will turn black to show it’s been bookmarked.

You can also bookmark maps from the map’s detail page. Click on the map.

And then choose the “Save Bookmark” button at the top. If you want to “Unbookmark it,” you can simply choose “Remove Bookmark.” You can also manage your bookmarks from your profile’s Bookmark page.


2. Managing Bookmarks From Your Profile


When you log into the site, you can get to your profile a few different ways.

  1. You can click on your name at the top:

  1. You can click on your name on the right side:

  1. Or under the “Social” menu, you can click on “My Profile”

Let’s go to your Bookmarks section. On your profile, click on the “Bookmarks” tab. You can also go straight there by pressing the “Bookmarks” button from the “Social” menu at the top.

Here, you can browse through all the songs you’ve bookmarked. This list is shared publicly so you can also go to other user’s pages and see what songs they’re enjoying and bookmarking (there is an option to make your profile private if you so choose)

In addition to removing bookmarks from each map’s page, you can remove bookmarks from this page. Click on the options toggle on each map in your list, then choose “Remove Bookmark.”


Following Mappers:


If you want SyncSaber to automatically download new maps from a mapper you like, just follow them!

Lets start by looking at a list of “confirmed” good mappers. Click on “Mappers” from the “Social” menu.

We can scroll through a list of mappers, see reviews that have been left for that mapper, click on their profiles to see all the maps they’ve done and then click “Follow” if we want to follow them:

If you want to follow a mapper while you’re browsing their songs, click on the Mapper’s name or avatar:

And then press the “Follow” button from their profile

You can manage all the mappers you are following from your profile, under the “Follows” tab:

From the top menu of the site, you can click on the “Feed” to view any maps that have come out from anyone that you are following:


3. SyncSaber Magic


Once you’ve properly installed SyncSaber and either 1. followed a mapper or 2. added some maps to your bookmarks, you can launch Beat Saber.

You’ll immediately notice some new information at the bottom of your screen. SyncSaber will let you know what songs it’s fetching from your bookmarks or following list and the progress of each download.

Once done, you’ll notice the maps now in your songs list along with a new playlist created of those new songs (so you can easily see what’s new from the rest of your maps.)

This section is extremely short because that’s all there is to it! The rest is magic.

Please let us know if you have any issues or feedback on the BeastSaber Discord: https://discord.gg/cZpFayw


Comments (59)
  1. EkoGrande says:

    So it appears this isn’t working as of July 30th?

    1. SyncSaber is no longer in Mod Assistant
    2. the SyncSaber ini settings are missing some options from what’s in the tutorial
    3. Bookmarking songs does not add them into the game so my assumption is the mod isn’t working.

    Can we get confirmation?

    1. Landon Donoho says:

      Also having this issue! Please let me know if you find a fix.

      1. player-kun says:

        anyone have any confirmation on whats going on since nothing in the mod assistant when when i extract sync saber zip file SyncSaber.ini doesnt appear only beatssync.dll

      2. player-kun says:

        anyone have any confirmation on whats going on since when i extract sync saber zip file SyncSaber.ini doesnt appear only beatssync.dll

        1. Kantop83 says:

          Same here :’ only beatssync.dll

          1. Kelmut says:

            Place it inside your plug ins folder in the Beat Saber directory. You can then configure the settings in-game as in any other mod.

  2. Nine says:

    Any way to sync bookmarked playlists?

    1. NEMESIS2K5 says:

      have the “beatsync.dll” file in the …\Beat Saber\Plugins folder; however, the mod and/or mod settings do not show up after launching the game. Other mods I have in the plugins folder appear in game (ex: songcore) because I have their .dll files in that directory.

      I have also tried placing both the “beatsync.dll” file and the “SyncSaberService.ini” file in the …\Beat Saber\Plugins folder, and only the song core mod is loading in game. None of the songs I book marked on bsaber.com are automatically downloading. Before neither of them were in the plugins folder and the songcore mod was working.

  3. Kolezan says:

    This mod is such a quality of life improver and coupled with BSaber.com it’s one of the best mods for Beat Saber. It’s so easy and powerful!

  4. fusselkatze says:

    beatsync is not listed in my modassistant, what can i do? :/

  5. Ruzicka says:

    I’m probably an idiot, but I can’t get the new Beat Sync to work. :/ I’ve made sure I have BSIPA, SongCore, CustomUI and BeatSaverDownloader mods installed, and manually placed the BeatSync.dll in the Plugins folder. It does nothing, and doesn’t appear under settings. I’ve even reinstalled the game because”have you tried turning it off and on again” and it still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong? I play my game through Steam on my Oculus Rift, if that matters. HALP PLS. >.<

    1. Lam Yip Ming says:

      Same here, I think the latest beatsaber update broke it.
      Let’s hope the developer will fix it and release a new version soon.

    2. NEMESIS2K5 says:

      Same here. Placed the “BeatSync.dll” into the …\Beat Saber\Plugins folder and nothing happens after launching game.

  6. Akira1906 says:

    this tutorial seems outdated in the beatsync download is just a dll that I dont know how to install

  7. zerogravity says:

    Seems like this doesn’t work.. :/

    1. elliotttate says:

      Hey! Are you on Discord? I’d be happy to help get it working for you! There’s a couple common problems with easy fixes that I’ve seen from a few users that I’ll probably be adding to this page too.

      1. zerogravity says:

        Got it working, I needed to restart Oculus Home to get it working. Just closing the game didn’t work. SyncSaber always said “All songs updated”.

        Or maybe it just needed some time to sync because this is a new account? However it works now.

        1. elliotttate says:

          Glad to hear! Here’s the advanced trouble shooting guide here if you run into any other issues! https://www.notion.so/beastsaber/Common-Issues-With-Easy-Solutions-f99bdd13b13a4dfc82cafaf506e1ee1c

  8. Jcs says:

    still not available for 0.13.0?

    1. elliotttate says:

      Here is the download link for the new version that works with .13 https://www.modsaber.org/mod/syncsaber/1.3.5

  9. Hi, does this work with the Oculus Quest? and if so what should I enter for the beat saber path in the syncsaberservices file?

    1. dawnjc79 says:

      I’m wondering the same…

  10. FocalFury says:

    SyncSaber is gone for me as an option in Tweaks/Tools in Mod Assistant v 1.0.25. Someone else commented earlier tonight but their comment is gone now. Is there something new to do for SyncSaber in Mod Assistant?

    1. Drager says:

      I’m having the same issue. It just disappeared a few days ago.

      1. Logixx says:

        Same here. I can”t find it in Mod Assistant.

  11. JeffCraig says:

    I really like this plugin and I have a feature request!

    I have mods in my stream chat that bookmark music when viewers request songs. I would really love to have a button that would sync any pending music to be downloaded without having to restart the game!

    If there’s a place I can make a formal feature request, please let me know!

  12. Blubo says:

    Ehhm would it be possible if you could help me please? I have bookmarked a few songs but SyncSaber doesn’t find them.

  13. Drager says:

    FOR ANYONE having the issue where SyncSaber isnt showing in the mod loader. It’s gone to the new update I believe. If you go to your beat Saber directory -> Old 1.1.0p1 Plugins -> Copy and Paste Sync Saber.dll into the Plugins folder. That worked for me and brought the mod back into the loader and my bookmarks are syncing again.

  14. NEMESIS2K5 says:

    The BeatSync mod would be convenient since I am going to be setting up BeatSaber on my home PC and laptop, and songs would automatically sync with my bsaber.com account. However, it seems that the mod is broken and could be related to BeatSaber version 1.6. Below is the troubleshooting I have tried.

    Wanted to point out instructions for configuring syncsaberservice.ini appear to be inconsistent.
    >The screen shot shows values for “Autodownloadsongs” and “Autoupdatesongs” as being “True”/”False” yet the instructions below it read “Options: 1=yes 0=no”.
    >>I have also configured the the .ini file with “TRUE” values, started beat saber, nothing happened, stopped beat saber, configured the .ini with “1”, started beat saber, and nothing happened.
    >>>The instructions mention this ini can execute from any folder; however, past mods I have worked with the .ini must be placed in the game’s root folder. How is the .ini file running if lets say it is in its own folder in my …\Downloads folder?

    Also tried:
    >Having the “beatsync.dll” file in the …\Beat Saber\Plugins folder; however, the mod and/or mod settings do not show up after launching the game. Other mods I have in the plugins folder appear in game (ex: songcore) because I have their .dll files in that directory.
    >>tried placing both the “beatsync.dll” file and the “SyncSaberService.ini” file in the …\Beat Saber\Plugins folder, and only the song core mod is loading in game. None of the songs I book marked on bsaber.com are automatically downloading.

    Beat Saber and mod version notes:
    My copy of Beat Saber version 1.6 is still running so this tells me the BeatSync or SyncSaberService mod is not compatible with this version. I have tried syncsaberservice.ini (version 0.2.2) and BeatSync (version 0.4.1-bs1.4.2-03487305).

    Spent a couple days trying to figure this mod out from this page and various forms. At this point it makes no sense to keep trying. Unfortunately with out any fix/solution I will need to rely on songcore to obtain custom songs. I will check back on this periodically to see if the setup instructions get updated and if so will try modding again.

  15. WagesOF says:

    Tutorial doesn’t include how to actually install the SyncSaberService, just how to mod the ini file, the discord link for help with this drops you into a server with one channel that you can’t post anything into. I’m thinking this might be a dead mod?

  16. phwoaaa says:

    Does this automatically delete any doubles we have ?

    And can anyone explain how the map packs?

    example : https://bsaber.com/maps-for-new-players/

    It just gives me a .json file? do i somehow input the file into the game for it to start downloading?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. elliotttate says:

      Yes, just copy the JSON file to your Playlists folder in your game directory. Here’s a more in-depth tutorial: https://www.notion.so/beastsaber/Playlists-BeatDrop-Tutorial-e3faf856c3b14b08a51190d8a65a033c

  17. ramingham says:

    Is this being updated for the new version of beatsaber?

    1. elliotttate says:

      Hey! It actually just got updated yesterday

  18. So, is this thing dead now? All of the links are down.

  19. balkyne says:

    So is someone able to get a hold of the original creator? This mod has been broken since the launch of 1.0.0 broke it, and it’s a little harder to just casually browse for new songs when you’ve got a few mins. Knowing that any song I found would just magically be in BeatSaber when I next played was amazing.

  20. Xaqsi says:

    Not sure if I’ve missed something here, but the maps are not being added to the ingame playlist. They are downloaded and appear in the song list, and the playlist is created– just 0 songs in the playlist. Any help would be appreciated. I followed this walkthrough directly to utilize the standalone syncsaber, but I must be missing something obvious… What SHOULD my config look like???

  21. MaximiliumM says:

    Can’t find it on Mod Assistant. Any help?

  22. Smarti0101 says:


    Is it possible to register the “beatsaver://”-URL on a mobile android device? Then i can send the links to my PC directly using firefox sync….

  23. Petromaniantz says:

    Any word on when BeatSync will be updated to work with version 1.6.0 of BeatSaber? Currently I can see most of my songs, but not all. I definitely can’t use the sync bookmark or sync playlist options.

  24. Hamiwami says:

    Where can i request songs >-<

    1. elliotttate says:

      Request them in either the Discord in the #song-requests channel or on the /r/beatsabersongs subreddit

  25. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for first-time blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

  26. At this time I am going away to do my breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming over again to read more news.

  27. Darkuni says:

    For what it is worth, the old SyncSaber plugin for some reason continues to work for me – I just copied my userdata info and the DLL over. Poof.

    YMMV of course.

  28. Matt says:

    Hello, how/where can I register to BeastSaber ?

  29. guit016 says:

    I don’t see any way to remove a bookmark now. Is this normal ?

  30. CameraTricks says:

    SyncSaber works just fine without the Mod Assistant when it comes to downloading songs. If I want to delete a song from my Custom Songs library, do I just delete that song’s directory (and unbookmarking it) or should I be doing something more?

    I noticed, for instance, that the song name still appears in the playlists that SyncSaber creates.

  31. Landon Donoho says:

    Hmm so my bookmarks arent syncing at all. I’ve run through the pages with various troubleshooting and made sure it was checked etc. Anyone else having trouble? (this is true for me as of a week ago)

    1. NEMESIS2K5 says:

      Followed the instructions on this page as well and tried the .ini file for syncsaberservice.ini (version 0.2.2). Configured it with the instructions on this page (which are inconsistent. Ex: screenshot for configuring syncsaberservice.ini has values of “TRUE”/”FALSE” where as steps just below read “Options: 1=yes 0=no”) and cannot get this working.

      Spent two days troubleshooting this and have visited discord support pages, etc. Appears this mod is broken.

  32. Lephie says:

    okay I dont know why, but every word in beatsaber says “hunk” now and im really confused

  33. Not working. I set up the options i wanted, bookmarked songs, set up the link to the correct location, but none of the new songs are there.

  34. Charolette says:

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