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BeatDrop Tutorial

BeatDrop Tutorial


Getting Started

First, it’s assumed that you have already installed the “Mod installer” to get custom songs working. Please follow this guide here if you haven’t!

Mod Installation Guide (necessary for playing any custom songs)

To get immediately started with playlists, download a few curated playlists here:

Playlists Archives – BeastSaber

Go to the community page to download or share community made playlists:


(Check out the guide in the “playlists” section for how to install them.)

When you first launch BeatDrop, you’ll be presented with a quick tutorial to show you the basics. You’ll also most likely need to set the location where Beat Saber is installed. Click on the gear icon at the top left to go to the preferences screen:

(Oculus Version)

(Steam Version)

The screenshot above shows the default location for Beat Saber on your platform. Make sure it’s pointed to the Beat Saber folder and not your “CustomSongs” folder or anything else!

Using The App Guide:

1. Downloading:


BeatDrop starts off with a clean interface to search for any song that you might want! Simply click within the “Search” field and type in any song you may want to download!


Next, you have the ability to preview any song before you download it to make sure it’s what you want. Hover over the album art of any song and click on the play button to start listening!

Immediately Download

Next, you have the ability to immediately download any song by clicking on the down arrow icon. This is a “no passing go, give me the good stuff now!” button.

Add to Playlist

Lastly, we have an “Add to Playlist” button. You must first have made a playlist, but once you have at least one playlist, you can start adding songs to it before you even download the map!

Download Queue:

Next, we have a button to add maps to the download queue. This may be useful if you have a slow internet connection and want to queue up a large batch of maps to download later.

The Download Queue

Clicking on the download queue will open up any songs that you have set to download. When you’re ready to download, hit that magical “start download” button and watch as hundreds of hours of mapper’s work suddenly appears in your game, ready to play!

The Mode Toggle

You’ll want to pay careful attention to the mode toggle as you’ll be using it quite a bit. Press on “My Songs” and you’ll notice that the interface will transform from “Download Mode” to “My Songs Mode” where you can manage your library.

The first thing that you’ll notice in this new mode is that a few of the icons over the album art has changed.

2. Managing Your Songs


First, the “star” icon will favorite one of the songs in your library so that it will appear on the top of your songs list from within Beat Saber. This is very useful to avoid hunting through a large library to find a specific song from within the game.

Preview Song:

Again, we have a button that will preview the audio of your song. You know, in case you forget whether you like a song or not.


The delete button is every “poorly made map’s” worst nightmare. Use it to nuke those bad maps to oblivion and keep your library fresh.

Add to playlist

Lastly, we have an “Add to Playlist button. This is one of the most powerful features of BeatDrop as it makes it really easy to create a shareable playlist file and a playlist to play from within Beat Saber. (Note: You must first create a playlist in order to start adding songs to it with that button.)

3. Playlists

To use and create playlists, first click on the button where “My Songs” are and it will toggle modes between “My Songs,” “Favorites” and “Playlists.” To use playlists, go ahead and activate the “playlists” mode.

As mentioned, the easiest way to use playlists is with the SongBrowserPlugin here: https://github.com/halsafar/BeatSaberSongBrowser/releases/latest as it allows you to browse your BeatDrop playlists from within the game. If you want to toggle playlists from the app instead of browsing in-game, follow this guide (though it’s not recommended):

  • Toggle App Playlist Guide (This is for using JUST BeatDrop and not the fantastic, recommended songbrowser plugin) When you click on the Disk “load” button here: The icon will change: When you launch the game, the only songs that will appear in your library are these playlist songs. If you press it again to deactivate it, go to the main menu of Beat Saber and press “R” on your keyboard to refresh your library. You will then see all of your songs again (including your favorites).

To create a playlist with BeatDrop, click on the “New Playlist” button

You will then be able to name your playlist and add cover art to that specific playlist.

Now, when you scroll through your songs, you can click on the “add to playlist” button

Choose which playlist you want to add it to

And the song will be added.

To edit your playlist, go to the Playlist tab. You can then choose how you want to sort your songs or choose to remove one. The order that you sort them here will be the order that they’ll show up in-game:

Importing Downloaded Playlists

To import a playlist that you download on bsaber.com, simply open the zip file that you downloaded (Windows has a built in zip viewer for this).

Then when you’re in the “Playlists mode” of BeatDrop, click on “Open Playlists Folder”

A folder will open up and you can drag that .json playlist file into this folder. Click on the “refresh” button at the top left of BeatDrop and you’ll now see the playlist in your list of playlists.

In order to play the playlist, you will need to FIRST download the songs from the within the playlist if you don’t have themm. To do that, click on the Download button.

This will put all of the songs that you don’t have in your Beat Saber custom song’s folder into the download queue (don’t worry about duplicates, if your library is in the correct format, it will skip the songs you already have)

Click on the “DL Queue Button.”

Then click on “Start Download”

All of the song’s in the playlist will start downloading automatically.

When you’re done, you can now start Beat Saber and select the playlist from within the playlist section!

This should conclude the basics of using BeatDrop. If you have any questions, you can PM me: elliotttate on Discord or join the BeatDrop Discord channel. Please also report any bugs you find here:

Discord – Free voice and text chat for gamers

Also, please remember to share your playlists here:



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  1. K says:

    BeatDrop would be great if it worked… it either takes forever to register that you’re trying to download something or it simply sits there forever before failing to do anything. Makes me laugh to see the Patreon thing constantly pop up for a broken app.

  2. starfall says:

    so is beatdrop a mod manager or playlist manager… and if its just for playlists… why is it reccomended instead of the modding tool and why does it even show mods within it???

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    Hi I’m on oculus quest 2 and I have got songs on beat saber that are custom from beastsaber there is just a few problems. 1. Some songs are infinitely loading for example Up & Down. 2. When I watch you tubers using custom songs they have all thes cool effects and there blocks are like bigger than normal and stuff so I play the exact same levels as them and mine is just normal sized blocks and no cool effects like going upside down in Up & Down. Someone please tell my why these are happening.

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