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Beat Saber v0.11.2 Update – Fixing Your Mods Guide

It’s that time again! That wonderful time of the year / month / week when a freshly baked Beat Saber update comes out and all our plugins break! 😉

Thankfully, we’ve had time to mostly prepare for this and have updated all of the essential plugins – the SongLoader, SongDownloader, ScoreSaber & CameraPlus. Others may work, but haven’t been completely tested yet.

When you first launch your game after the update, all of your mods will automatically be moved to an “Incompatible Plugins” folder. You’ll need to re-download the Mod Installer here and run it again.

This update comes mainly to fix some important issues but also we did another refactoring of the codebase so it will make our job easier for the future.

Here’s the official update notes for v0.11.2:

  • Fixed critical bug when sound effects were not properly recycled which could sometimes cause performance problems or even crashes on some systems.
  • Fixed volume settings which were reset to default when restarting the game.
  • Fixed continuous rumble in haptics system.
  • Fixed losing combo when getting head into obstacle while paused.
  • Added animation to side screens.
  • Added full release notes.
  • Added health and safety warning.

Playlist Support:

If you’re looking for the SongBrowser to play BeatDrop playlists, the default SongDownloader plugin now has BeatDrop playlist support, so the SongBrowser is no longer required. If you do prefer some of the advanced options of the SongBrowser plugin, an update will come out soon. Check back to this page for individual plugin updates!

List of working plugins with v0.11.2 as of Aug 23, 2018 at 10:30 PM

(note: all of these updates are in the mod installer, so I recommend using that to update them)

Comments (5)
  1. Micah says:

    how come my custom platforms wont show up in beat saber? Please help!

    1. elliotttate says:

      @Micah Were you helped yet? If not, jump in the Discord #support channel and we’ll be able to get you going again!

      Fyi though, know that the update made ALL your old mods out dated. You’ll need the new custom platform mod above to get it working again.

  2. Is it best to pull your custom files out of the games path and then do a fresh install of all the mods from stock game files then move back the saved custom data into their appropriate file locations or does it not matter?

    1. elliotttate says:

      There have been some reports of older config data causing issues, but I would just try updating the game, running it once and then running the mod installer first. If you notice any issues after that, then you can always move out your old config files so it forces new ones to be written.

  3. Killzu says:

    After installing the latest modloader my sabers refuse to function. if i run it after a fresh instal it functions perfectly, as soon as i apply the custom songs loader the sabers no longer function. Any ideas?


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