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BeastSaber Rising: Rebuilding a Community Cornerstone

What is happening to BeastSaber?

The BeastSaber website launched on June 4, 2018, a mere 26 days after BeatSaver, and 34 days after the May 1st early access launch of Beat Saber itself. The site was originally created as a “pretty” front-end for the bare-bones BeatSaver map repository, with the ability to host articles, tutorials, interviews, provide a social experience, and more in the days when the community was a few thousand people and map keys were two and three digits.

Since then, Beat Saber has sold MILLIONS of copies, there are more than 71,000 human-made maps (125,000 in total), and there are hundreds of community touchpoints across Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. Though the community has evolved, the BeastSaber site hasn’t kept pace. A system that was designed for thousands of maps and tens of thousands of users is now struggling under the weight of community growth.

The Admin team at BeastSaber — namely Rorekk, Agoza, Pixelguy, and HelenCarnate — wants to acknowledge and apologize for the struggles our users have faced, especially in the last 12 months, including:

  • Loss of easy access to bookmarks
  • Frequent issues with undelivered system emails
  • User registration redirect deathloops
  • Failure of map syncing with BeatSaver

What is being done about the site issues?

It’s clear to the team that the site needs a major rebuild, but we want to ensure access to popular functions while that happens. In the summer of 2021, we began conversations with Top_Cat, the owner of the newly transferred and upgraded BeatSaver website. What was once a simplistic repository without much active development had transitioned into a clean, but full-featured new site on a new code base with continuous improvement.

As a team, we asked ourselves a few important questions:

  1. If we were to rebuild BeastSaber what would be the benefit of developing redundant functionality?
  2. What is BeastSaber’s place in the community if tutorials live on the wiki and maps live on BeatSaver?
  3. The community has grown so much, are there needs that didn’t exist in 2018 that aren’t currently being met?

The result of reflecting on these questions and extensive surveys and conversations is a partnership between the two sites — a rationalization of what features belong on each site to best serve the various needs of the community. We have spent much of the last nine months redeveloping important map and playlist-related functions on BeatSaver. These include:

  • January 2022 – Allowed mappers to add genre and style tags when they upload their maps
  • February 2022 – Moved the act of curation and elevated curator access
  • April 2022 – Implemented the Verified Mapper feed
  • July 2022 – Updated the tag filtering system to allow tag exclusion
  • August 2022 – Added a full Alerts system and updated the way that ratings are displayed on maps
  • September 2022 – Search and discover community-made playlists; follow your favorite mappers to be notified of releases; enhanced features on mapper profiles
  • October 2022 – Added support for BeatLeader leaderboards
  • Coming Soon – Map reviews and a new bookmarks/favorites system

By redeveloping, and in many cases enhancing, these features on BeatSaver, we are able to ensure that important map-based functionality is preserved while we rework BeastSaber.

What will Beast Saber 2.0 be like?

Our vision for the next iteration of BeastSaber is to become more of a community hub where players from all parts of the community can find information or be directed out to some of the more specialized areas.
We hope to bring lots of different resources together in an easily accessible site that doesn’t rely on any one technology (like requiring a Discord account). And, yes, we may still link to recent curations, featured map packs, and other map-based items over on BeatSaver.

Features of Future BeatSaver Features of Future BeastSaber
Mapper Upload with Genre/Style Tagging ✔
Song Repository & Robust Search ✔
Map Curation ✔
Playlist Creation, Sharing, & Curation ✔
Verified Mapper Flag & Search Filter ✔
Followed Mappers ✔
Bookmarking Maps for Later Download
Simplified Map Reviews/Recommendations
Community Hub
News Articles
Event Listings
Getting Started & Tutorial Resources
Links to the BSMG Wiki
Links to Global Rankings
Links to ModelSaber, Questboard, etc.
Featured Videos
The BeastSaber Mapping Awards


How can I help?

There are still a couple of features left to develop on BeatSaver before our shared admins can shift their attention back to BeastSaber. Top_Cat is making amazing progress on the new map reviews feature and we’re excited to bring that to everyone! Pixelguy is working on a new Bookmarks system to replace the one that’s problematic at BeastSaber. After that we’ll need to coordinate with modders to tap into the new API.

If you know (or are willing to learn) Kotlin and React you can chip in at BeatSaver to move things along… The backlog is deep!

We are looking to build the new BeastSaber site with JavaScript, using Svelte as the front-end framework. Experience working with APIs will be essential as we hook into other services like BeatSaver, ScoreSaber, BeatLeader, ModelSaber, and more! We’re also looking for someone(s) with a design background to help us visualize a site with its own identity but still looks like it’s part of a family with BeatSaver.

If you have any of these skills and are interested in helping us rebuild BeastSaber, please Discord DM one of our admins or email our Team email:

Stay tuned for more news and updates in our Discord or follow us on Twitter (while it lasts!). We will be starting to make changes to address the inconsistent map syncing within the next week.

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