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2022 Beasties Winners: So Many Awards!

Congratulations to all of the winners in this year’s BeastSaber Mapping Awards! Trophies, medals, and ribbons will be on their way to winners soon.

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Supporting Map Awards

Best OST/DLC Map

  • WINNER: Tanger – Firestarter – Mapped by ETAN
  • RUNNER-UP: Schwank – $1.78 – Mapped by Altrewin
  • COMMUNITY CHOICE: Tanger – Firestarter – Mapped by ETAN

Best Alternative Game Mode Map (TIE)

Best Full Spread Map

Best Ranked Map Under 4 Stars (TIE)

Best Ranked Map 4-7 Stars

Best Ranked Map 7-10 Stars

Best Ranked Map Over 10 Stars

Lighting & Modded Mapping Awards

Best Vanilla Lights

Best Vanilla+ Lights (TIE)

Best Chroma Lights

Best Chroma+ Lights

Best Visual Modchart

Best Gameplay Modchart

Map Style Awards

Best Balanced Style Map

Best Tech Style Map

Best Fitness Style Map

Best Dance Style Map

Best Speed Style Map

Best Accuracy Style Map

Best Challenge Style Map

Best Alternative “Gimmick” Style Map (TIE)

Individual Awards

Pack of the Year

  • Winner: Caravan Palace Pack – Maps from Nixie.Korten, Dee-Dee, raaknys, Alice, & Andynak
  • Runner-Up: Drum & Bass Pack – Maps from nitronik.exe, Nixie.Korten, Phoenix, SmokeyBacon, & Timeweaver
  • Community Choice: Drum & Bass Pack – Maps from nitronik.exe, Nixie.Korten, Phoenix, SmokeyBacon, & Timeweaver

Rookie Lighter of the Year

Rookie Mapper of the Year

Lighter of the Year

Mapper of the Year

Map of the Year

Comments (11)
  1. tx_brandon says:

    Why aren’t the winners hotlinked 😭😭

    1. helencarnate says:

      I was trying to get this up quickly after the awards. We’re working on playlists of the winners and I’ll get this updated soon(tm) with hotlinks.

    2. Emily says:

      Congratulations to the winners with lots of prizes. Thanks to you guys we were able to have lots of great music. Before, I used to read news and listen to music at 着信音

  2. impatient says:

    bruh its been 2 hours where them hotlinks at?

    1. helencarnate says:

      Bruh, I have a day job where I get paid to do work that is not Beat Saber related. Cool your jets.

  3. Katia says:

    Is gBitz the same person as Bitz?

  4. theaddler says:

    Take whatever it takes HC, you’re awesome. Thanks for all you do its appreciated!

  5. Bran_1_2_3_4 says:

    Thank you for all that you do, @HELENCARNATE.

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