Win over $12,000 worth of prizes just by playing Beat Saber!
Prizes include multiple Vive Pros, VR gear, gift cards, awesome apparel & more!
Join The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt!
The rules are simple and EVERYONE with Beat Saber can play!

All you have to do is download the contest installer below
and start completing maps. Each time you leave a score on a map,
you have a chance to unlock one of the 22 GOLDEN TICKETS!

20 Golden Tickets
All you have to do to hunt for tickets is start leaving scores on any of your favorite songs. That’s it. Each time you complete a song, Score Saber will check if you’ve won a ticket or how far away from winning you were. If you win one of the 20 Golden Tickets, get ready, we have a few in-game surprises for you.

4 Vive Pros
Two of the top prizes will be complete v.2 Vive Pro kits to upgrade your VR experience with one of the highest premium VR HMD’s available. Finally, you can take on your friends in epic Beat Saber multiplayer battles (clearly you gave them your old HMD and kept the shiny new Vive Pro for yourself).

12K in Prizes
There’s so much other awesome stuff we’ll be giving away. Upgrade your Beat Saber experience with new, comfort enhancing HMD covers from VRCover, gain new levels of control with grips that give you that Beat Saber edge from MamutVR, win some of Beat Games fantastic new Beat Saber apparel or look out for a few other surprise items we have waiting.
The Incredible Sponsors
These amazing sponsors are who made this contest possible.
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VR Fitness Insider
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Pluto VR
See your friends or use audio only.
The highest quality VR grips and stocks available.
MAMUT VR is developed and maintained by Geektech AB, a company we created as a plattform for our nerdy endeavours.

Take your Beat Saber playing to the next level!

VR Fitness Insider is your resource for the latest VR Fitness information. We have tips, tricks and VR news to help you become an expert in VR fitness.

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See how the FREE Pluto app allows you to see and hear your Pluto contacts in Beat Saber for an amazing multiplayer experience!


The ultimate VR grips to give you a new level of Saber control

MamutVR is a proud to sponsor of the 100k contest!

Beat Saber is such an amazing game and the game we have today is such a good example of what can happen when a community puts their creative minds together. You guys are awesome!

We are happy to do our part and are giving away 1000 Euro in giftcards!

So how do our precision grips do in Beat Saber? Take a look at what elliotttate said about them: ;D

“The MamutVR Touch Grips really do enhance your Beat Saber playing and scores – my scores shot up pretty significantly after switching to them. I can’t imagine playing without them now” – Brian (@elliotttate), staff of the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord.

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Download Now
Download Now
1. Install
To get started, download and run the contest installer. The installer will load a special version of Score Saber along with a playlist of 22 brand new, exclusive maps. All you have to do to register is to play your first song.
2. Hunt For Tickets
Every difficulty of every song will give you one chance at finding a golden ticket! When you finish a song, you can see how close your draw was to a golden ticket, underneath the leader board on the right. Super… hot.
3. Win Big!
The songs made for the contest give you a better chance of winning! Make sure you give them all a shot as most of them are instant classics. When you win, the mod has a surprise waiting for you, so get ready, good luck and have fun!