1.27.0 Game Update Recap: Rock Mixtape DLC

Welcome to the first of our new Beat Saber game update recap articles here on BeastSaber! This update has straightforward additions with a new music pack and some quality-of-life tweaks to the level editor for the PC version, but expect a more in-depth article whenever a major update happens regarding gameplay or mapping.

Source: Steam News page

Ready to rock? Take the stage with the Rock Mixtape featuring 8 heart-bumping hits from Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, The White Stripes, KISS and more, with a fresh new environment included! For the first time ever, play the nearly nine minutes long track “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd – the longest song ever released in Beat Saber. LET’S GO! Rock Mixtape is now available for purchase as additional content for the game.

Song List

Expert+ playthrough videos by Kival Evan. Find all of their playthroughs of every difficulty on their YouTube channel.

Release Notes

Game Changes

  • Rock Mixtape featuring 8 songs
  • New custom environment [Rock Mixtape]
  • Extended BPM filter for song selection [no longer limited to 250 BPM]
  • Fixed: Accidentally spawning multiple overlayed notes

Level Editor (PC Only)

  • Update to Arcs and Chains
    • Arc ends and curvature can now be freely manipulated with directional anchor points]
    • Chains now display properly and have a new placement method (enable block placement, then click and drag away from a placed block)]
  • Show warning when editor is unable to save beatmap
  • Add quartet / triplet beats to BPM editor
  • Async saving of beatmap while editing
  • Fixed: Alignment of event boxes with large BPM changes
  • Fixed: Beatmap objects preview
  • Fixed: Waveform when opening multiple different songs

You read that right: Free Bird is officially the longest song available in base game Beat Saber! This 8:50 track has taken first place in song length over past marathons Angel Voices by Virtual Self (6:12) and Light It Up by Camellia (6:10). Also new in this music pack, Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses is also in the running at 5:56. Keep your schedule open next time you play these songs!

Past Version Patches: 1.26.1+


1.26.1 (Beta)

– Improved song loading time

Oculus (Rift/Quest)


– Improved song loading time

– Added promotion for half-off individual DLC music


– Removed promotion for half-off individual DLC music

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